Here we go!

We’ve been planning away, and are super excited for the 5K! We have less than a month until the event, and have already raised over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Thank you to everyone who has been donating and supporting this great cause:) It warms our heart to know that 100% of the proceeds are going to the Divine Onkar Mission, which is an amazing organization that helps set up schools, fresh water wells, and free boarding for many underprivileged children in India. The clock is ticking, so gather some friends and register for the 5K!

One Step Closer

And the event planning and organizing continues! We have raised $2500 -half of our goal! Thank you everyone for all your generous donations and support to help raise money for this charitable cause! Spread the word to your friends and local businesses to continue raising more money. We really appreciate all your continuous efforts to help us help the Divine Onkar Mission!