The event

Bright, sunny skies, with no trace of the rain that had come down mercilessly the previous night and hampered our setup efforts. As we tumbled out of the car, we couldn’t help thinking that the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It seemed like the weather God was giving his blessing to our event.

We had a lot of volunteers who helped make the event a resounding success. Whether at the registration desk, or the food stall or games or face painting – you were sure to be met by a smiling volunteer. There were people who were experienced volunteers, and people who were volunteering for the first time – all bound by a common feeling of helping this effort of giving back.

We had all kinds of people participating in the 5k – people who had already run in other events and marathons to little Eli who was bravely running in his first. People were walking, sprinting and running, and generally having a great time.

We managed to raise over 10k in the event. Thanks to all our generous donors as well as sponsors.